“That's one small step for a man”

Motion analysis and movement feature extraction

That’s not one small step indeed: We created our own algorithm on motion analysis and movement feature extraction.

With our algorithm, we see how people walk, but not just number of step; we recognize the sport types you are playing at, instead of different vibration intensity; we tell the locus of golf swing, rather the club head speed alone.

Timbre of motion – 3D motion capture and reconstruction

Our proprietary sensor module captures and reconstructs your finest movement in 3D space.

Technically it is a super compact computer in smaller than a penny. It’s embedded with ARM based CPU with 9-axis multifunctional sensor and extra low power wireless link.

Power does matter!

Long-lasting power is critical for any gadget, and particularly important in wearable world.

Our power optimization scheme links up every building block in the system, from form sensor selection to data compression; from battery efficiency to current spike suppression, all around.

Stay Connected

Smartphones and cloud services blur the boundary of cyber and physical world; yet being connected isn’t trivial.

Our Bluetooth LE framework improves compatibility between the wearables and smartphones, enabling streaming for data intensive applications.

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